Service Interface for Real Time Information
CEN/TS 15531

SIRI Documentation

The following documentation about SIRI is available:

  • This SIRI site provides a brief overview and information on the available schema  versions and where they can be found.
  • A white paper provides an introduction to SIRI.
  • SIRI CEN Standard: An electronic document providing a guide to SIRI and its use, prepared according to CEN formatting rules. The guide has content suitable variously for both users and implementors. The guide is in three sections. The guide is available from national bodies, for example BSI, VDV, CERTU, etc. (Unfortunately under CEN rules we are not allowed to make them freely available on this site) . SIRI Working Group members can download from the archive section of the  Downloads and Schema on this site.
  • SIRI XML Schema: the SIRI XML schema contains detailed comments describing the elements and their intended use. The schema should be regarded as the definitive definition of SIRI.
  • SIRI Handbook This is an informal handbook provdied on an AS IS BASIS that helps to give an overview of SIRI and how it is used. Handbook v15 (Draft) 
  • Licensing & IPR:  See Terms of Use
  • Comparison with Transmodel